Hot Summer Wearing with Jewelry

To fully maximize your look and take advantage of the warm weather months, here are a few jewelry essentials to help get you through the summer:

Yellow Gold
The best way to bring out that sun-kissed skin and summer tan is with yellow gold jewelry. Whether it be a necklace, a bracelet or a ring – warmer tones in the summer complement darker skin shades and make them more vibrant.

Summer is such a fun season, filled with the beach, bright sun, and blue water.
With all of these fun colors, your jewelry should also have vibrant hues. Take out your brightest color summer jewelry and match it with your beachwear.
You want the colors to be bright and the styles to be bold. Find large pendant or beaded necklaces. Find eccentric designs on the jewelry.

With the sunshine illuminating your face, you need something to really make your face stand out.
Drop earrings add a touch of color and style to your visage, resulting in enhanced beauty. Have a collection of drop earrings in unique materials and bring them out each summer.

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