Best Earring Gift For Your Girlfriend

“What kind of earring should you buy for her? Aren’t you?”

Earrings come in different shapes and sizes, not just opening several doors to a wide range of gifting options but also leaves you perplexed. To make it simple here is something for you to consider before choosing the right pair.

* Face shape: The shape of the face plays a pivotal role in buying earrings for someone. Avoid hoops or studs, if she has a round face. Go for something that will add balance, and elongate her face. For a square-shaped face, choose hoops or round rings that would soften the edges of her face. If you are unsure, then studs or drop earrings are a perfect choice.

Color: Put your brains to work and figure out which color jewelry she likes more? Is she attracted to gold or likes the shining silver? Consider her skin tone, favorite color, eye color and birthstone. All these will help you select the earring, and will impress her for noticing the little details.

* Know her Style: If she is a person who likes to keep it elegant and classy, then drop earrings, studs are the best. But if she likes colors and has a chic style then you can go with many colorful silver earrings online, like shades of red and blue.

* Purpose: Ask yourself whether you want to buy earrings for any specific occasion, or is it for a casual everyday look? Studs, hoops look ultra-cool, but if you want her to look glamorous then drop earrings, cluster earrings will add that extra sparkle to her outfit.

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