Materials and Care

Our Mission

We believe fine jewelry doesn’t have to come at the cost of our values, our communities, or our planet. We don't need to mine gold and diamonds anymore. The jewelry we made is from materials that support communities dependent on the industry. Sustainbility and traceability is important because we need to maintain the balance between fashion and environment. The impacts on the people and the lives on this planet are what we care as we grow globally and expanding our influence.


Quality 14k/18k Recycled Gold

When you buy recycled gold, you support sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing practices for our earth. Our gold is certified by SCS for 100% recycled content. The Gold we use is reclaimed from old electronics and old jewelry. Automic Gold fine jewelry is only made in solid gold, because longevity is always the best sustainable practic

Recycled Sterling Silver

Made of 100% recycled silver products, Eco Silver is treated and worked with in the same way as standard sterling silver, for the same quality results, it is simply more environmentally friendly. EcoSilver is 100% recycled, 100% traceable and 100% audited by our bullion supplier.

Cultured Pearl

Oysters are bred in cruelty free environments on pearl farms. Moved to shallower water, the oysters filter the water naturally, while removing heavy metals and nitrogen from the waters surrounding them. We are doing our best to promise bright and sharp pearl with the lowest pollution.

How to take care of your jewelry?

1. Keep it dry: Getting jewelry wet is always bad. It can lead to cracks, a lack of shine and water stains.

2. Keep it away from chemicals: This might seem obvious, but you can find harmful chemicals in lotions, perfumes and hairspray. Keep your jewelry away from these products.

3. Put it on last: To avoid chemicals, put your jewelry on last and take it off first.

4. Rotate jewelry: Don't wear the same piece every day. Too much use will wear it down sooner. Give your other jewelry some love!

Know when to take it off: Most people know to take their jewelry off before they go to bed, but forget to remove it when swimming, gardening, cleaning and playing sports.

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